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Sequin, Sequin Shirt, and Reversible Sequin.

Sequin, Sequin Shirt, and Reversible Sequin.

Sequin is the sole part of lavish decoration molded into rounded small disc-like pearls and beads. Sequin increasingly enhances the beauty of the fabric. People of any age group, from toddlers to youngsters to senior citizens, are fond of the sequin embellished items that not only eye fully elevate the beauty of their houses but are the good means to ward off routine life worries and anxieties. You should be very selective in choosing high-quality sequin products that include Sequin shirts and reversible sequin pillows.
Sequin used on the shirts and pillows comes in a variety of eye-catching colors and make the fabric look more attractive. The color scheme of sequin ranges from pastel colors like pink, blue, yellow, orange and red along with traditional black and white colors. All these colors when used together give the mesmerizing look of either shirt or pillow. Anything including pillows, T-shirts, shoes, gowns that are decorated with shiny and sparkling sequins definitely deserves a second look of the people.
Sequin T-shirts:
We, Qstomize, sell sequin customized T-shirts for women and on the other hand, sequin customized men’s T-shirts are also the center of attention for the style-oriented males. These T-shirts can be made more pleasing and appealing, by using different color patterns of sequin pearls and beads, to the people who are aiming to buy one. We provide you with the abiding quality of the T-shirts embellished and tightly stitched with sequin beads so that it won’t easily drop off. We also use silver sequin with reflective quality that reflects light and give a heavenly look. Namorada custom ladies T-shirts made up of pure cotton available in all sizes and with shinny sequin of different colors like gold, red, black, rose gold, and majorly with silver color look sexier and extra feminine. These women shirts come in three different layouts, styled on both sides or on the front in circle or heart shapes. On the other hand, sequin customized men’s T-shirts are also the center of attention for the style-oriented males. With these Alpha customized male shirts, we provide you with three styles. Sequin styled on both sides of the shirt and in circular or in a heart shape on the shirt front. Sequin beads are sewed strongly on shirts but wash the shirts by hand. These are not washing machine friendly. Act as a kind of gift for your loved ones and is truly magical in every sense.
Sequin reversible pillows:

Qstomize sequin customized reversible pillows are also the center of attention. Sometimes these pillows are customized by two pictures that are changeable just by swiping your hand in opposite directions. Sometimes there is no picture but just dual-color sequin beads sewed on it loosely so that you can play with it for hours just by writing on it or drawing different characters using your fingers. It is your choice whether you pick up a pillow with both sides embellished with sequin pearls or a pillow with the backside of high-quality silk fabric with color of your choice. These dazzling pillows can be used to play or for decoration purposes for the lounge, offices, bedrooms, and automobiles. These sequin embellished pillows customized with the pictures of your loved ones are the most creative gift item for them. We have fitted these pillows with a zipper that would make cleaning and washing of these sequin pillows much more convenient.
If you want to get a reliable purchase of sequin embellished customized T-shirts and reversible pillows, we are here to help you make the right choice regarding the purchase of high quality, mesmerizing and dazzling colored sequin items. Visit our site and go easy with the pickup of the best products from here.

A Guide to Buy Sequin Products:

In this very world, every person has a different taste, choice, and behavior. Some people are quick in the decision but few are extremely conscious and concerned about picking up something that fits perfect to their taste.

The person, who always takes time to make choice between things, will definitely in need of some guide to buying reliable and high-quality sequin T-shirts to wear or sequin reversible pillows for decoration purposes.

Don’t worry at all. Besides providing you with a wide range of sequin products, we aim to instruct you on how to choose a high-quality sequin product over low-quality sequin products. For this, here we present you with a buyer’s guide that will definitely help you out to make the right choice and pick up the right product.

High-quality fabric:

In the market or online you would find a mountain of sequin products. While buying a sequin T-shirt you have to take care that the fabric used should be of 100% cotton, easily washable and with permanent colors. But when you are up to buying a sequin reversible pillow, make sure the sequins are embedded in the high-quality silk fabric. This can be checked by the backside of the pillow that doesn’t have sequin pearls on it.

Sequin firmness:

Sometimes it happens with people who buy the sequin product from a less known company, after 1 or 2 use, sequin beads, and pearls start to fall. For this, you have to check the firmness and permanency of the beads before you buy them. If you are buying online then you should go for Qstomize sequin products as you definitely won’t compromise on quality.

Fabric color guarantee:

Before you order sequin products from any online store, make sure they are providing you with a long-lasting color guarantee of sequin T-shirt and sequin reversible pillows fabric. Only the largest buying and selling online stores like Qstomize provide you with a color retaining guarantee.

Exchange policy:

While going to shop online, you should consider those online shopping stores that are offering exchange policies. Qstomize offers you a one-week exchange guarantee if you don’t find the product satisfying regarding color and fabric. You can get a new product at the same price within a week.

Money-back policy:

The authenticity of an online shopping store can be estimated by its money-back policy. If you want to return a sequin product that can be a sequin T-shirt or reversible pillow, you can get your money back but within a week. After it, the product could not be returned.


Buying online has always been a confusing and risky task for buyers. They are too much concerned about the quality of the product. Some people are longing to purchase high-quality sequin items by staying in their limited budget. We have provided you with each and every information about how to choose a good mesmerizing and dazzling sequin embellished shirts for both men and women and reversible pillows for home decor. We hope this guide would definitely be the star in dark to direct you towards the trustworthy online shopping store to shop your favorite sequin items. There is no better online marketplace for sequin products than this one. Visit our site www.qstomize.com to avail of more offers!