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How to Choose A Stylish Sequin Bag

Sequin bags are all the rage right now. If you don’t have one, then now is certainly the time for you to turn this around. If you aren’t sure where to start then you can find out everything you need to know about them, and the benefits they offer, right here.

Sequin Tote Bags

sequin bagTote bags are ideal for carrying shopping, or even for running errands. The main reason for this is because they are flat so they are easy to fold down. On top of that, they are also super hard-wearing. If you want something that is able to withstand rain then tote bags are also ideal for that, especially if they have sequins on the side as these help to repel water.

Sequin Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags are more suited to carrying sports gear. The best thing about drawstring bags is that they are lightweight and easy to open and close. The strings can easily be used to carry the bag too, so this is another great option that you can be sure to take advantage of.

Sequin Reversible Bags

Another type of bag is the reversible bag. When you invest in this, you can easily change up your look at any time and you can also really feel confident knowing that you have a stylish ensemble for any day of the week. If you have never thought about buying a reversible bag before then we have plenty of them available in stylish sequin designs, so you can easily find something that more than exceeds your requirements.

Sequin Beach Bag

Beach bags are ideal for taking on holidays. They’re big enough to store flip flops, toys and even a packed lunch but they’re super durable so they’ll last a long period of time as well. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Sequin Pillows – What are Sequin Pillows?

Sequin pillows are also known as magic flip, reversible sequin, mermaid pillows. They are a very popular item that millions of school children all across the world love to play with.

One element that makes sequin pillows so magical is the surprise factor when swiping the pillow to reveal the secret image.  This can be something basic such as a friend, a significant other, children, dogs, and anything else that is normally printed on a “regular” pillow.  But there are no limits to the possibilities of sequin pillows!  Some fun uses for sequin pillow can include: 

  • A marriage proposal – This is a common use for a sequin pillow. The person that is moments away from being proposed to has no idea the surprise they will get with just a simple brush of the hand!
  • A surprise trip – A great way to tell the kids they are going to Disney!  Let your kids know about a special surprise they will soon receive.
  • A prom proposal – Similar to a sequin marriage proposal but with a lot less pressure
  • Paternity reveal – Let your boyfriend/husband know they will soon become a daddy!
  • Baby reveal – Let your friends and family find out about your new baby in a very creative way
  • Bridesmaids – Ask your friends to be bridesmaids with custom sequin pillows designed for bridesmaids

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